Droog Moto

Build FAQs


Build FAQs:

  • We accept cash, wire transfer, credit and debit (fees may apply).

  • We require 100% parts and 50% labor up front. (non-refundable)

  • Custom builds are non-refundable.

  • Warranty is not included. 

  • Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. 

Something to consider before you commit to a build: These are handmade works of art. We will try to accommodate to your needs while staying true to our style. 



Note: Pricing is dependent on donor bike (included) and any extras.

Level 1   starts around $10000 USD. 

  • A Level 1 build will keep most stock components of the bike. It will receive a new aggressive visual appearance. The bike will retain the main features though as when purchased, such as the forks and wheels.

Level 2  starts around $13000 USD

  • A Level 2 build will be a mix of old and new. Most new features will be better upgraded parts. The bike will have new features such as improved suspension, brakes, etc..

Level 3   starts around $16000 USD

  • A level 3 build will be a complete ground up build. This level can start with something as simple as an older CB400 or newer such as an FZ-09.


** Just because the donor bike is cheaper, does not mean the build itself will be cheaper. A low priced donor bike can easily be flipped into a Level 3 or higher build where as a more expensive donor bike can be built as just a Level 1 or 2.