Droog Moto



The Urban Menace: This triple powered machine is built and equipped to get you past the untamed. If you have the raw desire to blast through uninhabited territory and take claim then this machine is for you. With 125 HP and a lightweight chassis you can’t go wrong with DM-013.


CC >> 675 | POWER >> 125 HP | CYLINDERS >> 3

DROOG_MOTO 13-27.jpg


Built with a menacing appearance to take on the terrain we equipped this machine with an all new subframe and seat design. Giving the rider that posture they need for the perfect ride. Adjustable rear-sets and the DM handlebar give you the feeling that you are in total control.

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Backed with the latest electronics DM-013 is one fierce machine. Programmable fueling and high quality parts are not left out on this build. LED lighting and a modern speedometer setup is all you could need.

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Choosing the right tire was crucial for the Urban Menace. You need a tire that is best for any situation. We chose the Anakee Wild tire to keep DM-013 unstoppable. Deep tread and long lasting performance is what is key on this setup. With the ability to tackle all terrain you won’t get caught off guard.

DROOG_MOTO 13-5.jpg


There is no doubt that the 675cc inline 3 motor is a beast of a machine. Paired up with a performance intake system and new exhaust, this Urban Menace sounds like a fighter jet. With the 3 cylinder sound and torque for days, you’ll never want to head home.

DROOG_MOTO 13-1.jpg


Equipped with high end suspension DM-013 is a machine built for a good time. With high speed and high adrenaline you need the suspension to tag along. Adjustable with a modern look your Urban Menace is ready for it all.