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Moto 3 Build Series

Moto 3 Build Series


Moto 3 Build Series:

We are building three Moto 3 inspired builds. All three bikes will be the same but with slightly unique differences. As for pricing and payment of this series see below for details:

Pricing for the build series is $13,000 USD. 

You will be responsible for a $500 build request fee which gets you in line for a series build.

Once the request is received you will then be responsible for half the build balance plus parts costs in order to begin the build.

The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the build. 

Estimated build time is 3-4 weeks.

The Moto 3 series build will provide you with your own unique styled FZ-09 which will include the characteristics you see on our build. The FZ is a killer platform to build off of. You have an array of adjustments from suspension to 3 different ride modes. The 3 cylinder 850cc bike is plenty of power for some off road fun hooligan riding to a casual weekend getaway. The aggressive styling we will give the build goes hand in hand with the form and functionality to them. 

All deposits are non-refundable. Each build is kept true to the Droog Moto platform. 

Shipping is the responsibility of the customer. (PROMO 10/22-12/31 Shipping included in the U.S.  For international shipping a credit will be given to cover some of the shipping costs)

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions on getting you on your own series build! 


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