Droog Moto


Well where do I start? Droog Moto. What a magnificent company. The team at Droog Moto are awesome!! That’s right 2 exclamation marks. I commissioned Droog to add some spicy flare to my completely stock Triumph T100. I had one request. ‘Bend it like Beckham’! You read that correctly. I wanted the famous Spice Girl (Posh Spice for those who are not as big of fans as I am) husband’s Bonnie T100. But add a dash of Droog in the mix. Unbeknownst to me, Droog are not as big of fans of the Spice Girls like I assumed 99% of the human population was. What I got was a Droog makeover that would blow your British socks off. I gave them mostly free range on the build, but stipulating that what really makes a David Beckham motorbike is a vintage brown leather saddle. Droog laughed in my face. Brown?! we don’t do ‘brown’, little man ( that’s what they assumed my name was). Black. Droog only does black. I can’t fault the geniuses at Droog for putting my color choices in a headlock and throwing them in front of a speeding train. No, what they created was nothing short of a miracle: Perfection! Intergrated LED lighting, upgraded suspension, big fuck off knobby tires for impending apocalypse, signature gas tank that looks like it fought in the great battle of Skynet vs the Resistance on Judgement day, and basically removed all the bulky excess junk and sent the bike swirling in to the minamalist abyss. It’s a stealth war machine. The bike came out better than I expected and something that Airwolf and Nightrider would be proud to call their own. Who’s David Beckham? All I know is David Hasselhof has a new favourite ride.. Droog Moto’s customized T100.
— Jon Bot